Help us and become a volunteer

The Yellow Plu is growing and that is fantastic!
In the meantime, we have more than 60 volunteers, including 'markers' and people who act as a collection point, but also people who perform all kinds of secondary tasks.

Nevertheless, we are looking hard for extra forces.
Would you like to decorate Yellow Plu's team, represent our organization at events or keep you busy with, for example, social media, finances or secretarial tasks? Then message us about your talents, wishes and possibilities.

    How could you support De Gele Plu?


    Your contribution is important!

    We want to continue to distribute our Yellow Plu's to continue our mission. For this we depend on donations. With a donation of € 7,- per Yellow Plu you help us out of the material costs such as plu's, markers, ink, etc.

    (NL69 TRIO 0320 4834 01 t.n.v. Stichting De Gele Plu)

    Do you want deliver a different contribution?

    Share this website with friends and family Post a photo of you with De Gele Plu on social media and mention #degeleplu Go everywhere with your Yellow Plu and peacefully spread the message of freedom and connection. Download our poster(s), print it out and hang it in front of your window.